Just like with the Central Air Monitor, the Central Air Controller communicates its status through its LED. 

The Controller has 3 LED indicator. The one that communicates its status is the first on the left. The other two will communicate when they are powering each of the 2 relays.



LED Light Colour Legend 

1. Solid blue



The device is powered and ready to be connected to WiFi.

This is the color you should expect to see with every new HAVEN device that has been powered up for the first time.

2. Flashing blue



The Controller is attempting to connect to WiFi.

You will likely see this during installation when the device is connecting to WiFi for the first time.

  • If this persists for longer than approximately one minute, try a soft reset.
  • Reconnect to the detected serial number of the Controller (Format: XXXX-XXXX) via the HAVEN IAQ App.
  • Continue entering WiFi network information and password.


3. Solid green with an aqua flash



The Controller is connected to WiFi. An aqua flash signifies that the device is pushing data to the cloud.

Once your HAVEN device has been installed, this status confirms that the device is operating as expected. 

If the LED is solid green WITHOUT the aqua flash, continue with a soft reset.


4. Orange flashing



The WiFi credentials may have been entered incorrectly. The device is still thinking…


5. Solid orange



HAVEN has failed to connect to mode after a connection failure. The HAVEN IAQ app will ask you to re-enter the WiFi info.

If you’re having difficulties with the app, you can perform a hard reset on the Controller and start again from the beginning.


6. Rapid blue/green/aqua flashing



Controller has connected to WiFi and is downloading a firmware update. It should continue for 1-2 minutes, settle briefly and then continue to flash. If it settles in anything other than SOLID GREEN with AQUA FLASH, perform a soft reset. Repeat again if necessary after 1-2 minutes. 


For more information, watch our short video on the HAVEN Monitor LED Statuses. The LED behaves the same on the Controller. 




If you are continuing to face lower than expected airflow, our dedicated Professional Support can be contacted directly via 1-833-442-7776 or



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