You told us, we listened. 

When you integrate sensors into a product, there are bound to be some issues with each sensor's baseline, relative to its installation location conditions. 

Last year we began making some big improvements to the compensation algorithms that are applied to the HAVEN Monitor's relative humidity and temperature sensor readings. Our grand plans involve calibrating those sensors in-house to make sure they are baselined to the best of our ability before getting installed in your customers' homes. 

We want you to build tools you want to use and can rely on. That's why we've built out an on-site calibration step into the Monitor installation sequence. 


Onsite calibration

We now include a new step when installing the Monitor where you can use the psychrometer you trust to provide a reference measurement as a baseline. We call this the "onsite calibration". This will allow you to feel confident in the controls and automations you are setting up with the Controller for toggling on dehumidifiers and humidifiers precisely.


Adjustments post-installation

This functionality will soon be available in the HAVEN Pro Portal — likely coming later in Spring 2023! Until then, if you notice something is off with the RH or temperature data, you can call or email HAVEN Pro Support and get us to apply the calibration for you. Ideally you'd be at the home, taking the measurement with a psychrometer close to where the HAVEN Monitor is installed. 

Alternatively, if you want to use the thermostat readings, just be aware that those are hyper localized and won't exactly represent the RH and temperature of the mixed air coming into the return. 


What you need to tell us

  • Reference measurement readings (for RH or temperature, or both!)
  • Time and date that you took the readings



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