What the F is happening?

This hopefully just takes a minute or two to resolve. We've got you. 

Ok, so you've gone through and configured your customer's Monitor or Controller to your customer's HVAC system and now there's a cloud error... GAH! 

If a cloud error occurs during the self check/installation report step, this is likely due to the device being in the middle of an "over the air" (OTA) firmware update. This can be validated on the Monitor: the LED will be flashing green and aqua.

If you leave the Monitor when this happens, it will never be able to get online successfully, causing the device not to show up in the HAVEN Pro Portal for you, or in the HAVEN IAQ app for your homeowner. Instead of abandoning the install, there's a simple way you can resolve it quickly without having to roll a truck later.


How to resolve

All you need to do is perform a soft reset on the Monitor and then wait for the Monitor's LED to turn solid green with an aqua flash every minute. If it doesn't settle in this state in 1-2 minutes, perform a soft reset once more. This should do it. 

Click "RETRY" on the Installation Report page & the installation will complete. 



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