The problem we wanted to solve

Inevitably, we've all experienced either:

  • Needing to quit a HAVEN Installation mid-way or go back in the process to correct something
  • Needing to switch to a different app in the middle of a HAVEN installation
  • Worst... the app crashes

Entering in all that information again, what a nightmare. When we come back to the original app, we have expectations that it would be right as we left it. 

What's new

If you ever need to leave the HAVEN IAQ app, exit a HAVEN device installation briefly, or even switch to a different app, you can now resume an in-progress HAVEN installation when you come back to the app. 

Value props

  • Pick up where you left off during an installation

  • Cut install time down by not having to retype info if you close the app and reopen


  1. Start an installation by clicking “Connect a Device” or selecting any of the Guided Workflows. Go through some of the steps as you would normally.
  2. The app will save each section when you click “Next”
  3. Interrupt the installation by:
    • Exiting the installation by clicking the “X” in the top right corner
    • Force-closing the app
    • Switch to another app (iOS issue only)
  4. Open HAVEN IAQ app again to the Dashboard or HAVEN Pro Install page: you’ll see your last unfinished install displayed at the top.
  5. Click Resume Install & you’ll land on the last unfinished page.


More improvements coming later in 2024

We’re interested in continuing to cut down the time technicians need to install HAVEN in homes.

We see this as separating out anything that can be done remotely:

  • Entering customer contact & address information

  • Prepopulating equipment info

  • Confirming automation behaviour

We’re working on allowing service or install managers to pre-enter details from the Pro Portal or in the app, and then make that Installation Profile accessible by the technician assigned to that job. This way, the assigned technician can pick up the In-Progress Install and focus solely on the physical installation and wiring of the HAVEN devices and IAQ equipment.

Email us at if you want to give us your feedback and if you want to be an early tester!



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