You've recently changed internet provider or made a change to the home's WiFi network and you'd like to ensure your HAVEN devices are connected.


You have a couple of options, thankfully neither is too complicated.


If you are uncomfortable with playing around with the admin settings of your router, we recommend the hard reset mode which is detailed below.

You can set up your new router to accept the HAVEN Central Air Monitor or vise versa - reset the Monitor to accept the new WiFi SSID.

  • You can configure the new router so that the existing Monitor settings re-connect. To do this, you will need to set up the new router with the same SSID and password as the old one.

    • eg. If your SSID was named “VERIZON0100” with a password of “12345678”, you can set your new modem up with the same settings.

    • Please refer to the router’s hardware details which display the login details with the default username and password to access your admin settings.

    • The Monitor will automatically reconnect after a power cycle or soft reset (2-second press on the reset button).

Hard Reset Method

  • If you are using a new router with a new SSID and settings, the device will require a hard reset (8-10 second reset press) and a repeat of the installation process as needed. 

    • To view our guide on installing the Monitor - click here



If you run into any problems re-configuring your HAVEN device, please reach out to our Customer Service team via 1-833-442-7776 or






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