The admin/manager user on the HAVEN service company account is able to:

  • Add new members to the HAVEN Pro service company account

  • Manage the team the members are on

  • Resend invitations to pending members

  • Remove members from the HAVEN Pro service company account

Add new members

When adding new members, all the admin on the account needs to do is add in their email address under the most fitting “team”. The team selection simply helps HAVEN know what kind of support to provide to that user down the road.

How to do it?

  1. Go to the kebab menu on the right side of the top nav bar & select “Company”.

  2. Select the “Team” tab in the left panel.

  3. Click “Add members”

  4. Choose which teams you want to add a new user to. (Heads up! You can manage your members' teams later too.)

    1. Management: Management team is anyone who’s doing work back at the office. Operations manager, service manager, office manager. You get the picture.

    2. Sales: These are the smooth-talking folks that are helping your customers understand what kinds of service or equipment they may need.

    3. Service & Install: These are the folks who are pounding the pavement in the trucks, providing the hands-on installation and equipment maintenance services to your customers.

  5. Confirm emails and teams to add.

  6. There you go! Grow your HAVEN team to your heart’s content, or I guess til you run out of service techs. :wink:


Wanna know what your team members can expect on their end when they join your company? Check out this article. (should link to the “Joining a service company” article).



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