• We know as HVAC professionals, you don’t always have the time or the human resources to be poking around in the Pro Portal to validate what issues exist after your team has installed HAVEN Monitors in your customers' homes.
  • Ideally, you want to be notified what the issues are, when they happen, and how to remedy them.
  • With Realtime Alerts, you can differentiate yourself from your competition and be in the loop when your customers' homes are experiencing real problems in real time. Nipping them in the bud. This is our first step to providing full recommendations.
  • We will always offer a Free Tier for Alerts to ALL service companies which will include 3 active Realtime Alerts. In the future, we will be introducing paid tiers.

How this helps you

  • Get ahead of your customers' comfort issues with the: Alert type, Customer info, Zone, Date & time it started
  • Know whether airflow was active during the alerted time or not to help you track down the source of the issue.
  • HAVEN fast tracks you to exact spot on the zone’s History Charts in the Pro Portal for more context.

How this helps your customers

This is a whole new level of service you can offer to your customers, showing them you’re going the extra mile to keep their homes and HVAC systems comfortable and healthy. Set up alerts to keep their home within target conditions and know when it hasn’t been within these conditions for an unreasonable amount of time:

  • Temperature has been outside of their desired range
  • Relative humidity has been outside of their desired range
  • Dew point has been outside of their desired range
  • Airflow has been inactive
  • PM2.5 has been high
  • tVOC has been high

How can it be accessed

Setting up or editing alerts

  • Sign into the Pro Portal
  • Click on any Customer Dwelling
  • Navigate to Alerts tab


Activating & disabling alerts

  • To activate an alert, click the toggle on any "Inactive alert"


  • To disable an alert, click the toggle on the "Active alert"


Changing the email address the alert will be sent to

Screen Shot 2024-05-21 at 17.40.05.png

  • Click "Edit" on the right of the email address in the active alert you want to edit
  • Type in the email address you want the alert to be sent to
  • Click "Save" at the bottom of the alert window when you're done

Receiving alerts

  • You’ll receive alerts to the email you specified when setting up the alert


  • "Investigate" will open up the Pro Portal and take you to the Customer's Dwelling & populate the History Chart with the time and the relevant parameter in the y-axis
  • If you want to edit the settings for this particular alert, you can do so straight from the email by clicking "Edit Settings".

Still to come

  • Summary emails at the end of the day if your customers' issues are persisting.
  • Subscription options for paid tiers



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