If you are an HVAC professional who is new to HAVEN and you know your service company has already created a HAVEN Pro account, all you have to do is ask them to send you an invitation to join. Once they’ve done that, joining is easy peasy.

How to join?

  1. Ask your HVAC service company admin user to send you an invitation to join. 


  2. Once they send you the invitation, simply open it up from your computer or phone and click the “Join Team” link.


    If the link doesn’t work right away, you can simply copy and paste the code from the email and go to

    Click “Join an existing company” and paste in the link.

  3. Once you see the link pasted into the code field, click “Continue”.

  4. If the code is valid (i.e. if it’s within 7 days of receiving the email), you’ll be prompted to finish setting up your own personal account by following the authentication steps and completing your profile.



  5. Once you hit that “Finish” button, you’ll be welcomed into the arms of your HAVEN Pro service company account, gaining access to the relevant parts that may include the Pro Portal, as well as permissions to install HAVEN devices on behalf of your service company. You’ll also receive a welcome email that provides you with a couple of great intro assets for getting your feet wet.



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For assistance with any aspect of the Pro Portal, you can contact us directly via 1-833-442-7776 or






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