Once your HAVEN Central Air Controller is installed, it can easily be uninstalled and re-installed at any time. The settings and controls that you set with your HAVEN Controller are not permanent!

Common reasons for re-installing the Central Air Controler

  • Changing the physical equipment that is connected to the Central Air Controller

  • Undoing any mistakes that may have been made during the installation process

  • Moving your HAVEN devices to a different location on the HVAC system or a new dwelling

  • Your wireless access point/WiFi has changed and you need to re-connect the monitor

  • A power outage or temporary interruption may have disconnected your HAVEN device from your WiFi

  • The Controller is not behaving as expected or is in an error state that needs to be rectified


Re-installing the Controller

While soft resets can clear unexpected errors and assist in reconnecting to your WiFi, every HAVEN device requires a hard reset prior to re-installation.

This will decouple the device from your wireless network and remove the controller from your list of equipment. But once installed, the Controller will reappear in the HAVEN Automations section of the HAVEN IAQ App dashboard and Pro Portal.

Please note: Changing the equipment the Controller is activating will always require a hard reset.

Re-installing the device elsewhere

If you would like to remove the device from its current position and re-install it elsewhere, follow these steps:

  • Commit a hard reset on the Central Air Controller
  • Power down the device and any equipment you wish to connect
  • If you are changing or adding new equipment to the controller, wire this
  • Log in to the HAVEN IAQ App with your professional account
    1. Select the hamburger icon (three parallel lines) in the top left-hand corner of the Screen

    2. Choose HAVEN Pro > Connect to a HAVEN device > Start

    3. Continue the installation just like before. Remember to select “Central Air Controller” in Device Type

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If you are continuing to face issues with your HAVEN device or data, our dedicated Professional Support can be contacted directly via 1-833-442-7776 or



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