Once you’ve installed your HAVEN Central Air Controller, it’s time to see your device in action. Here are some Party Tricks that we’ve put together to ensure the Central Air Monitor communicates with the Central Air Controller. This will activate your IAQ solutions and display what effective IAQ management can look like in real-time!

After each Party Trick, you will be able to visualize the change in IAQ through data captured by the Central Air Monitor via the HAVEN IAQ App and Pro Portal.

When PM, VOC, temperature, or humidity levels have spiked past the threshold that you have set, your solutions will be activated automatically. This will work towards bringing your IAQ back into a healthy range. When your Controller activates connected equipment, it will be noted in the HAVEN IAQ App Automations section and via the equipment page in the Pro Portal.



Party Trick #1 - Cooking Without a Hood Fan (Increasing PM and VOC to Activate Filtration & Ventilation)

Heat up a pan and cook something scrumptious on your stove without using your hood fan! We recommend anything that creates a lot of smell or smoke to really increase the PM and VOC levels in the air (eg. bacon).



Party Trick #2 - Popping Popcorn (Increasing PM and VOC to Activate Filtration & Ventilation)

Throw a bag of popcorn in your microwave and pop it! Once it’s done, pour the popcorn into a bowl and shake the bag. Leave the empty bag out for about 10 minutes and see how this affects your PM and VOC levels.


Party Trick #3 - Vacuuming without a filter (Increasing PM to Activate Filtration & Ventilation)

Use a vacuum without a HEPA-grade filter (or remove it) to clean an area near your return grill. While the vacuum cleaner should still be capturing many of the larger particles, it’ll be kicking up a lot of dust back into the air, increasing your PM count.


Party Trick #4 - Spraying Scented Aerosols or Chemical Cleaners (Increasing VOC to Activate Filtration & Ventilation)

Spray aerosols generously near your return vent (eg. perfume, Lysol, hairspray). You can also burn a scented candle.




  • When performing these party tricks, make sure that the blower in your central air system is on, and that all the windows and air purifiers are closed

  • Do these party tricks one at a time so that each event shows up separately in the data

  • Take note of the time you commit these actions, it will help you understand your IAQ data more easily

  • Please be mindful of those with respiratory sensitivities or other chronic conditions when performing these party tricks



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