Though the options are endless, we highly recommend every contractor starts out their HAVEN controls journey by connecting the Central Air Controller to their central blower motor. Once you’re comfortable controlling the central blower motor you’ll find controlling additional HVAC equipment a breeze.

Why should I control the blower motor?

Put simply - by connecting the Controller to the blower motor you can increase fan run time to ensure adequate air sampling and take complete IAQ control over your system. Air sampling is vital to get a holistic overview of your whole home's IAQ health.

First Installation

In a typical HVAC system control board we expect to see the following terminals. We’ll make use of the “R”, “G” & “C” terminals to gain complete control over the airflow and begin affecting the air we breathe.

  • R - 24VAC power

  • Y - Cooling (Compressor)

  • W - Heating

  • G - Fan

  • C - 24VAC common

Physical Installation & Wiring

  • Position the Central Air Controller on a flat surface of your HVAC system, facing the WiFi access point

    • Where possible ensure this is an unobstructed view

  • Power down all equipment you wish to connect, in this instance the AHU blower motor.

  • Powering the Controller (power circuit)

    • Connect the HAVEN Central Air Controller to the “R” & “C” terminals of the control board (24V)

      • Alternatively, you can power this from a dedicated transformer (9-30VAC or DC)

  • Wiring the blower to the Controller (control circuit)

    • Run a length of cable from Controls Terminal 1 to the “R” & “G” terminals of the control board

  • Your wiring scheme should look similar to this Controller, Thermostat and Furnace Control Board diagram

Central blower motor controlled by Central Air Controller wiring diagram


Setting up your Controls via the HAVEN IAQ App

  • Log in to the HAVEN IAQ App with your professional account

    1. Select the hamburger icon (three parallel lines) in the top left-hand corner of the Screen

    2. Choose HAVEN Pro > Connect to a HAVEN device > Start

    3. Remember to select “Central Air Controller” in Device Type

      1. You can refer to our installation guide here for more detailed instructions.

      2. Our Pro Support team is a phone call away via +1-833-442-7776 to help out.

Installation Complete

  • All done? Why not message us on Instagram @haven_pro with a screenshot of your Pro Portal data and we’ll feature your IAQ controls in action!

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