Consumer-grade & research-grade, but what about pro-grade?



Consumer-grade low-cost monitors are available for homeowners to purchase directly from Amazon, however, the sensors they use rely on small fans to sample the air  from a small area around the sensor. These tiny fans get clogged up easily and the sensors tend to get less sensitive over time. 






These products weren’t designed with the HVAC industry or contractors in mind to solve ventilation and filtration issues. Most importantly, they only detect pollution in a small area in a specific room, so the data doesn’t represent the air in the entire home.







Research grade devices are too expensive for consumers and typically only sense one pollutant and make it difficult to interpret the results. Overall, not an accessible solution.






whole home monitor


Homeowners need a system that monitors AND leads to solutions through Ventilation, Filtration, and Temperature/Humidity Control.

At HAVEN, we believe in a holistic approach to monitoring the air quality of an entire home, rather than spot-checking specific areas within the home. We will cover our technology in the HAVEN product-related modules to follow.





Why does it matter to me as a contractor?

The IAQ market has shown steady growth year over year and has a market growth potential of USD9.54 billion during 2020-2024. The recent global pandemic has further heightened the public’s considerations for IAQ and awareness of what’s in the air they breathe.


Opportunities exist beyond one-off sales — smart home devices and IAQ monitors can help contractors expand upon and redefine maintenance contracts and offer customers more accurate, long-term solutions based on deep dives into their HVAC systems’ data.






If you are continuing to face lower than expected airflow, our dedicated Professional Support can be contacted directly via 1-833-442-7776 or



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