Original Release Date: December 18, 2020

We’ve recently released a few new features for HAVEN Pros in our HAVEN Pro Web Portal.

New User Landing Page

New users will be greeted with a popup that guides them to the new Quick Start Guide.



New Quick Start Guide

We know that the HAVEN Pro Training materials can be a lot to digest, so we’ve rounded up the essential messages into our new Quick Start Guide. This includes our essential videos, an overview of our accounts & permissions configuration, installation summary, and the most common FAQs. Once you’ve completed the quick start guide, you can grab a Central Air Monitor from your trusted HVAC distributor (or contact us if your HVAC dealer doesn’t yet carry it).



Training Module Updates

The following modules have received incremental content updates:

  • Introducing IAQ
  • HAVEN Product Features
  • HAVEN Pro Software Features



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