Original Release Date: December 11, 2020


We’ve recently released a few new features for HAVEN Pros in our HAVEN Pro Web Portal. In addition, we’ve begun adding feature release numbers to the HAVEN Pro Portal - this release is numbered 0.2.

Customer Priority Sorting

If you’re a busy HAVEN Pro user with more customers than time, diving into a customer’s data may seem overwhelming. Instead of trying to remember which account has issues that need attention, we’ve introduced two new columns to the Customers landing page: “Priority” and “Issue Type”. The Priority flag is toggled when the home’s RH, PM2.5, or VOC levels are outside of healthy limits for extended periods of time.

The flag will be toggled for any of those three measurements being above their threshold limits, which are as follows:

  • PM2.5 Poor: 33.3+ μg/m3
  • VOCs Poor: 850+ ppb
  • Relative Humidity: 60%

The flag color is set based on how long the customer’s home is above the threshold, as follows:

  • Red: >15% time
  • Orange: 5-15% time
  • Yellow: 2-5% time
  • Grey: < 2% time

The default sorting method is via Priority, but a user can click into each column to change the sort order .


Basic Insights

In 2021 we want to move beyond just providing the best IAQ measurements and eventually automate a home’s IAQ on behalf of our HAVEN Pros. In the meantime, we are focused on making IAQ data easier for the Pro to interpret and present to the homeowner.

We’ve introduced what we’re calling “Basic Insights” to the Customer drilldown page. This consists of 3 Pie charts that reflect the time spent in each threshold based on the timeframe selected by the user. When the timeframe selection is edited, the Pie charts will also change. If “No Data” spans a large portion of time, it’s likely the device is offline and support should be contacted.




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