Installing the HAVEN Central Air Monitor is the first step towards improving your customer's home IAQ. We aim to have every device installed to the highest standard possible and, just like you, we hate unnecessary truck rolls!


Here are a few of our top tips to ensure a great installation, leading to reliable data and improved home & occupier health:

  • Ensure that the Central Air Monitor receives 0.4 m/s or ~80 fpm of laminar airflow. It's key to reporting reliable IAQ data 
    • We recommend using an anemometer before installation to confirm sufficient airflow
    • Measure twice, cut once!
  • Ensure that the Central Air Monitor is within range of the homeowner's WiFi

    • WiFi must be of type 802.11 b/g/n

    • Either WPA or Open

  • Power the Central Air Monitor with 24VAC 
    • Can be supplied from a transformer
    • Can also be supplied from a 24V dry contact on the central AHU 
  • Install the Central Air Monitor upstream and out of the line of sight of the following: 
    • UV lights
    • Air Scrubbers
    • Any additional in-duct IoT sensors, probes, or cleaning devices


You can view our detailed step-by-step guide for installation here or alternatively, Ben our Product Wizard, has put together a great installation video that you can view on Youtube.



We also have a dedicated support line for professionals. You can reach our HAVEN Pro support team  directly via +1 833 4-IAQ-PRO or +1 833-442-7776



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