Once you have installed your Monitor and Controller bundle it is still possible to dial in your Controller to work best for you.

We recommend that your first Central Air Controller installation is connected to your blower motor via the "R" and "G" terminals on the air-handler or furnace control board. Check out our guide on connecting your first Controller here.



The primary settings that can be edited are Air Sampling and IAQ Controls.

Air Sampling

There are two very important purposes to Air Sampling

  1. It allows your HAVEN system to see what's going on in the air
  2. It circulates and filters your home's air and keeps it from getting stale

Based on the EPA and ASHRAE, we suggest having the system running for 10 mins on, 20 mins off.


IAQ Controls

This setting allows HAVEN to keep equipment activated after regular Air Sampling when air-polluting events are detected. We recommend keeping this seeing ON


Editing your Controller Settings

With all of this in mind, let's take a look at personalizing the IAQ controls & air sampling to meet the needs of your conditioned space.

To access your controls schedule you'll need to open the Automations tab in your Home's dashboard.

  • Select the hamburger icon on the upper left-hand corner of your screen mceclip1.png  to access the sliding drawer
  • Select My Home Automations > Filtration Controls via Central Air Handler
    • This will open the scheduling options for the connected equipment.
    • The default settings and schedule are displayed below
  • To edit the schedule select the pen tool in the bottom right-hand corner
  • You can update the Air Sampling rate and IAQ Controls by pressing Edit Schedule
Screenshot_20211119-104347_HAVEN_IAQ.jpg         Screenshot_20211119-104432_HAVEN_IAQ.jpg
  • By default, each day will have a Sleep and Awake routine built-in. Each routine can be edited or removed to suit your intended IAQ Controls

Screenshot_20211116-081031_HAVEN_IAQ_Staging.jpg     Screenshot_20211116-081043_HAVEN_IAQ_Staging.jpg 


  • Additionally, you can turn Air Sampling and/or IAQ Controls off via the Routine Settings
    • We recommend that Air Sampling and IAQ Controls is turned ON to ensure sufficient airflow for IAQ data capture and control
  • Each Routine can be given a custom name to help you better understand your controls
  • To commit any edits simply hit Save


  Screenshot_20211116-081059_HAVEN_IAQ_Staging.jpg    Screenshot_20211124-082355_HAVEN_IAQ_Staging.jpg



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If you are continuing to face issues with your HAVEN device or data, our dedicated Professional Support can be contacted directly via 1-833-442-7776 or



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